About Neorj

Project in the platformer genre. The main character Heli is a girl, who had a mission to save a fantastic world and populate his kind beings from enslavement. The heroine helps the spirit - the guardian of worlds in the guise of a dragon, designed to protect it. Travel between the worlds will immerse you in the atmosphere of a variety of fantastic locations, where, along with Heli and her faithful helper, you will meet with deadly inhabitants of the worlds. The victory over these formidable creatures who feel themselves as full masters will require the player not only to solve puzzles, improve magical abilities and discover the hidden potentialities of each world, but also real courage. Discovering the step-by-step universe "Neorj", everyone can feel himself involved in the ultimate goal - saving a mysterious beautiful world that is on the verge of extinction.

The world of ice

An incredibly daunting and lifeless place - a desert of ice and snow without any plants, birds or animals. There is so much snow that one could sink in it and ice rocks are as sharp as a razor-blade because of harsh winds. Sometimes hovering spheres can be seen in the sky, shedding light which does not bring warmth. Elegant statues and giant temples cut in the rocks are destroyed by ruthless frost. As strange as it may seem, there is life here - strange creatures chilled to the bone and covered with ice roaming in search of food and warmth. Think about it, how strong should the will of these creatures be to survive in such a place?

The world of lava

This place is more likely to fit some adepts of an ancient cult than ordinary people. Only a brave madman would risk living over a river of lava. Magnificent statues shaped and burned by lava and covered by a finger's width of volcanic ash. Solid bridges connect different parts of the world. Although, if you consider the fact that they are hanging over lava, the bridges do not seem that solid. There are many golden chains here but they are so red-hot that one should not try to take them. But the most interesting thing here are the bones of a giant unknown creature, which were found during the construction of a tunnel. Once found, it was just left as nobody knew what to do with it. Now only fiery hornets live in this dark place, who consider themselves the true master of these abandoned tunnels.

The world of burning grass

Ruins of temples and castles built on the clouds by magic creatures. Most of these buildings have tumbled down and now this place looks lonely and depressing. Though some areas of this world, such as a giant golden cage or ancient statues, look decent, the larger part of it are just ruins. Hanging bridges covered with rust, numerous abysses, some of which are bridged with wonky wooden planks. The world owes its name to tall pink grass, which the locals describe to be burning. Somewhere the tousles are broken by curved brightly coloured plants. However, the most dangerous thing are the monsters which live here. Huge and hungry snakes fervently guard their land.



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